yabby suppliersWe have received an email from a seafood supplier which is looking for A grade supplies of our fantastic farmed Yabbies.  If you are member and a yabby farmer, please log in to read the details.

[private]Dear Yabby suppliers.

Our company, Michael Canals Seafoods pty ltd which trades as CQ Foods is contacting suppliers around Australia in order to fill a demand from our customers for top quality product. Sadly our previous supplier (for over 15 years) has moved into another trade. They came from the meat industry and moved from the country back to the city to run a family butcher shop. The company was one of Australia’s largest exporters of Yabbies and produced what I believe was the best product on the market.

CQfoods is a specialist food marketer. We operate from the new fish market known as the Melbourne Seafood Centre. Our focus is on Export Quality Aquaculture products.Some of the brands we are proud to say we represent are Spring Bay Seafood, Humpty Doo Barramundi, Condabilla Cod and Clean Seas Aquaculture. Coming from a line of 4 generations of fishmongers and having wholesaled to restaurants and run retail shops in Melbourne we are well placed to market your product to the country’s top chefs and retailers.

What we are looking for is

A Grade Yabbies

Fully Purged

Graded to at least Small, Medium and Large.( our last supplier did 30/40grm,40/60grm,60/80grm,80/100grm & 100+grm).

Packed in 10kg boxes with sponge foam between layers

We expect a nice looking label with a name chefs can use on their menu and all relevant packing details.ie Weight (10kg) Grade. Pack Date

So if you are a producer that takes pride in what you produce and you are looking for someone to market your product

please call Michael Canals on 0419 314 522 or email cqfoods@hotmail.com