Members Attending NSW Aquaculture Association Short Courses
Members Attending NSW Aquaculture Association Short Courses

The association was created by the original 150 members to assist them in the personal aquaculture and aquaponic endeavours as well as promote and support the industry as a whole. We all work together towards the improvement of the industry as a whole within NSW and the wider Aquaculture community. We will work with members to overcome any problems together.

This industry is growing, with everyone knowing large numbers of others in the industry, what one individual does can have huge ramifications for all of us, we all need to work together and with the regulatory bodies to ensure the industry prospers into the future and the NSW Aqua. Assoc. offers the platform for this to occur.

One of the greatest challenges that NSW offers is the tyranny of distance, NSW is a huge state with members spread across this vast area. Communication is the priority of the NSW Aqua Assoc. and regular Monthly Newsletters and random alerts and event updates via the internet is our method of disseminating information.

This is our main communication method and allows us to contact all our members at the push of a button. Monthly Newsletters keep all members informed of what’s happening in the papers, magazines and TV across the state, country and internationally, plus what’s happening to other members, what’s happening with government and generally just what’s happening. The Newsletter also allows anyone to contact all members, if someone has second-hand aquaculture equipment for sale that info can be included in the newsletter, if someone is looking for work experience that can be in the newsletter, etc.

Monthly Newsletters only go to members only, so if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and see what’s happening around you then I encourage you to Join Now. Membership is open to all and many members are from other states that thirst for industry information and want to know what’s happening in the aquaculture or aquaponic industry.

Join today and enjoy the exclusive member benefits

Now has never been a better time for aquaculture growth in Australia and our growing membership is evidence of that. Connect and network with commercial farmers and be welcomed by a fantastic group of highly experienced people with the same interest in aquaculture farming as you.

Our current aims and objectives haven’t changed much over the decades from those formulated by the original 150 founding members. Over the years the members have changed with some leaving the industry and others entering, but we as an association have adhered to our original charter with our aims and objectives remaining much the same.


  1. The aim of this association is to further and protect the interests, needs and aspirations of the aquaculture & aquaponic industries, its owners, operators and associated support industries.
  2. Provide a platform via our monthly newsletters to allow government, industry and any interested party to address the members directly.
  3. Facilitate the dissemination of information between aquaculturalists and to keep them abreast of the latest developments in research and production techniques, etc. Plus the latest industry issues and alerts.
  4. Promote industry research and development priorities in areas critical to production, survival, purging and packaging, etc.
  5. Liaise with government authorities to represent Association members’ interests and seek government assistance where required.
  6. Represent the commercial interests of aquaculturalists and present a united front to lobby government authorities where required.
  7. To represent the interests of member aquaculturalists first and foremost. We will not volunteer information on activities of any member to anyone or disseminate their contact details without the members prior approval.
  8. Promote the development of an environmentally responsible, sustainable and commercially viable aquaculture industry in NSW, and Australia.
  9. Act on members behalf to intervene with government agencies to assist with their personal endeavours.
  10. Provide, field days, workshops and shortcourses to assist members with their needs for information, assist with exchange of business knowledge between members and promote social contacts and networking.
  11. Provide member benefits with discounted member rates at events, workshops and short courses, etc.
  12. To work in co-operation with all groups and associations who share our aims.