Who would’ve thought in 2015 you’d be able to easily sell seafood globally online? For years, ‘fresh’ suppliers (particularly of seafood) have struggled to find a way to easily sell and distribute to highly profitable overseas markets. Industry members have consistently said that it’s too hard to source the buyers, organize secure logistics or follow the endless customs regulations. It should not be so difficult for businesses to trade internationally when there is such a high level of demand for their produce. China in particular has enormous demand for Australian fresh seafood.

Talking to exporters of fresh produce looking to take their businesses internationally, there are a few key issues that consistently come up. The first of these is the struggle to find buyers directly. Most suppliers say that going through intermediary bodies often becomes the only option, which usually leads to overcomplicated middlemen taking giant bites out of the profit pie. Another regular frustration is the amount of customs paperwork and logistics organisation that businesses have to prepare if they want to supply internationally. Despite the potential for huge overseas profit, the unreasonable number of basic difficulties has meant that many suppliers choose to only sell locally because going global is ‘too hard to do’. Gfresh, a complete end-to-end fresh trade option, is about making going global easy.

Gfresh’s parent company, a large Shanghai based investment firm with over 16 years of industry experience, created the business to provide traders of fresh produce what they’ve always wanted. Gfresh is one experienced body, which integrates a transparent online marketplace, to directly connect buyers and sellers and then handle all of the stages of logistics and customs in between. This innovative business idea eliminates complicated processes and guarantees reliable and low-risk commerce. Through Gfresh, it’s never been easier to trade fresh produce globally – a total solution.

Safe, simple trade of fresh produce between anyone, anywhere: