Barramundi at the Sydney Fish Markets
Barramundi – Sydney Fish Markets



Barramundi are one of the largest fish species, they grow to over 50 kilograms in weight and 1.5mtrs long. They are fast growing and very tasty to eat so prized as an aquaculture species. Barras are a catadromous species that move from saltwater into the fresh when small and then back to sea to breed. They are not natives of NSW they are a far north tropical species. As such they like hot water and all aquaculture in NSW is in recirculation systems with heated water. There are strict requirements for the aquaculture of Barramundi:

Barramundi Aquaculture Prospects (NSW DPI)
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Barramundi – industry profile (NSW DPI)
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NSW Barramundi Health Protocol NSW DPI
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Tailor Made Fish Farms

Tailor Made at Bobs Farm (Port Stephens) is one of the state’s largest Barra Farms. The Barras are grown in recirculation systems with the used water being recycled for hydrophonic vegetables. Tailor Made Fish Farms has developed an easy to operate, land-based modular fish production system that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. Production of year-round premium quality fish and vegetables is achieved through compact and controlled production areas using much less water than conventional methods resulting in two crops from a single water uptake.