We have two main species of trout in NSW, the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Rainbow trout are the ones commercially cultured and in NSW we produce 150,000 kgs per year. Trout are not native to Australia they are natives from northern Mexico to southern Alaska west of the Rockies. That said they are now entrenched in Australia and naturally reproducing in our high altitude streams.

Trout are fast-growing, and selective breeding and nutritionally complete feeds are improving the growth and production all the time. Trout are produced by hatcheries that take mature males and females that are ready to spawn and manually spawn them. When ready to spawn males have a hooked lower jaw and will produce milt/sperm when pressure exerted on the abdomen. Females don’t have the hooked jaw instead having a more rounded head and body. Fish are anesthetized and hand stripped. Females are cradled in the arm am eggs are milked from her by applying pressure with the thumb and forefinger and gently sliding towards the tail squirting eggs out into a container.

Once stripped the females are released and the process repeated with the male to fertilize the eggs.

Eggs are hatched in the hatchery and larvae grown into fry before the fry are transferred to outside raceways for ongrowing. Trout will eat just about any pellet but commercial trout pellets are the best for fast growth. Usually people will purchase fingerling between 50 and 100mm long head to tail. In good conditions these trout will grow to 350-400 gram in 4-5 months. As trout are a cold water species they can only be grown in the high altitude areas of NSW or just over the winter period for the rest of the state. Many people grow them in winter in the Sydney and Newcastle area in recirculation system tanks in which they thrive, just buy in advanced fingerlings, grow them out and harvest before summer.

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“For farm dams, pools, ponds and aquaponic tanks”

Rainbow trout fingerlings are now available. Fingerlings are advanced approximately 110 mm long. Ready for pick up from Hexham (Newcastle) NSW or ready for despatch by courier to your door.

Contact: Steve O’Mara

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