Recirculating Aquaculture System For Sale
Recirculating Aquaculture System For Sale

A second-hand Hesy Recirculating aquaculture system is for sale. This is a full system, tanks, drum filters, oxygen generators, pumps, bio media the lot. It’s been dismantled and currently stored on a rural property in Victoria ready for transport and reassembly into a complete recirculation system.

This 20 tonne system, designed for Murray Cod, consists of:

4 x HDPE tanks 4000 x 1200

3 x HDPE tanks 4000 x 1000

4 x HDPE tanks 2000 x 1000

5 x HDPE tanks 2500 x 1000

6 x HDPE tanks 1000 x 8000


02 reactors




Backup generator

Water storage tanks



Heaps more too numerous to list. Everything must go, preferably as a package deal. For further details and a full equipment list contact Rob McCormack

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