The NSW Aquaculture Association in partnership with “Yabby Dabba Doo” Yabby Farm is holding a yabby farming field day on Saturday the 19th August, 2017. Everyone is welcome to share in this education and information day. Whether for fun or profit, hobby farming or commercial farming, new to the industry or currently a commercial farmer there will be lots to see and information for all.


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Freshly harvested yabbies

The day centres around the commercial aquaculture of yabbies (Cherax destructor) in purpose built earthen yabby ponds. Join us around the ponds to see how they are constructed to suit the yabbies requirements for maximum production. These are not farm dams but specially constructed commercial yabby ponds. See how to control your overflows to prohibit pest species and make the ponds gravity drainable at minimal cost.

A Commercial Yabby Pond

When you start growing commercial quantities of yabbies at densities far greater than that which occurs naturally in nature then perimeter fencing of your ponds becomes an important priority. Commercial yabby ponds need external perimeter fencing to ensure yabbies don’t wander from the ponds and to keep predators like turtles and eels from getting into the ponds. Join us to see the fencing and discuss the options and requirements.

Yabby Fencing

One of the major predators of yabbies are birds. The main culprits are cormorants or shags which can devastate commercial yabby ponds. The easiest remedy is to net your ponds. Join us on the day around the ponds to see the bird netting erected over the ponds. See how it’s erected, and discuss alternatives with the experts.

Bird Netting Over Yabby Ponds

First thing in the morning we will be setting traps in the ponds. We will be using a variety of traps from those used by recreational fishers to the special traps only used by commercial farmers. The traps will range in size from the small box traps for catching small bait yabbies to the large super traps for catching bulk loads of 20-50 kgs/trap. Later in the day we will harvest the yabbies from the traps. See how it’s done and what you can catch in the different traps.

Super Yabby Traps

Once yabbies are captured they need to be held ready for sale. You need somewhere to store yabbies for a week or two ready for sale and be able to purge the yabbies on demand. See a simple commercial purging, recirculating aquaculture system in operation; see how it’s constructed and how you can build yours at home. Discuss the pros and cons of this basic low cost construction.

Yabby Purging Tanks

You dnt need an aquaculture permit to grow yabbies for your own consumption, however, if you want to commercially sell yabbies then an aquaculture permit is required from NSW DPI Fisheries. Our Aquaculture Policy Officer from Fisheries NSW will be there to discuss the government requirements in getting started. Find out all you need to know and it’s a great opportunity to make contact with the man you will need to lodge your application with.

Bait Yabbies

Once you have grown and harvested your crop of yabbies, you will need to sell it. See the different size yabbies the different markets require. Discuss the markets for each size and grade of yabby, and the current market prices for your produce. Learn where you can sell yabbies and what you can expect in return for your produce.

Packaging Yabbies

See how to pack your yabbies so they stay alive for 72 hours in transit.

Silver Perch (Bidyanus bidyanus)

Learn how to polyculture both silver perch and yabbies together in the same pond.

This is a great opportunity to meet with some of Australia’s leading industry experts. All are there to answer all your questions.

There will be drinks and a sausage sizzle or similar after the event so another opportunity to stay back and network.

Key speakers include:

Jamie Williams, Owner of “Yabby Dabba Doo” Yabby Farm and “Marron-U-Wanna” Marron & Koi Farm in WA.

Rob McCormack, Research & Aquaculture Director, Australian Aquatic Biological P/L and Secretary NSWAA.

Graeme Bowley, Aquaculture Policy Officer, Fisheries NSW.

Neil Meyrick, Director, Aquablue Seafoods, Pindimar NSW.

David Drury – Agriculture Co-ordinator and teacher at Wadalba Community School

Cooked Yabbies

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Pre registration is essential.

Bring your gum boots and umbrella if it’s wet.

This is a biosecurity area so please wear closed toe shoes suitable for walking through foot baths.

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