A Perfect Day with Yabbies

Rob McCormack discussing yabby farming around the ponds

The NSW Aquaculture Association in partnership with “Yabby Dabba Doo” Yabby Farm and Aquatic Engineering Australia held a yabby farming field day on Saturday the 8th August, 2015. On a perfect, mild and sunny day 34 of us learn about the commercial aquaculture of yabbies (Cherax destructor) in purpose built earthen yabby ponds. The field (more…)

AquaVerde Redclaw Crayfish Farm

The Redclaw Cherax quadricarinatus

In May this year NSWAA member Chris Young was in the far north, tropical region of Cairns. While in the region he organised a visit to AquaVerde Redclaw  Hatchery and Aquafarm.   The farm is 25 acres on the Atherton Tablelands about one and half hours drive up the range from the coast. On a misty rainy (more…)

Super Yabbies developed by the CSIRO

Cooked NSW Aquaculture Yabbies

With the forthcoming Yabby Farming Field Day at Griffith NSW coming up this review of the CSIRO Super Yabby research program and background information is essential for all attendants. Back in 1998 the CSIRO Livestock Industries at Chiswick near Armidale NSW self funded a research project aimed at increasing the productivity of farms through genetic (more…)

“Burn Spot” Shell Disease in Freshwater Crayfish

Burn spot disease generally refers to spots, pits or holes in the shells of crustaceans. It’s a problem for both freshwater and marine species and a phenomenon found worldwide. Australian freshwater crayfish are susceptible to the disease and it has been known to cause epidemics and can be of serious concern for aquaculture facilities. It occurs (more…)

A Huge Win For Yabby Farmer

Yabby farmer and member of the NSW Aquaculture Association has had a huge win against Primesafe rules around the auditing and costs for yabby farmers to produce and sell yabbys for human consumption. Steve Chara of Otway Yabbys has been battling Primesafe when their new seafood licensing laws came into effect some years ago.  The (more…)