Urban Ecological Systems Australia are in the final stages of the first stage of their integrated aquaculture build in Cobbity NSW.

This is an exciting time in Australian farming and food security, not to mention NSW Aquaculture with the first integrated farm of its type in the world build on Australian ingenuity and skills. It is great to see investment in aquaculture and this type of new technologies.[private]

Is it aquaponics?  The system uses our proprietary intensive recirculating aquaculture system which drives the nutrients for the plants through UESA proprietary integration system for optimum plant production on a moving gully.  So in principle it is an integrated aquaculture system, however it is much more than that.

The foot print of the Blue Farm allows it to be built close to large, central markets in major population areas.  With capacity to produce 4,000,000 plants per hectare per year is a remarkable improvement on greenhouse growing and it is driven by tonnes of fish production in that same area.

The first stage of the fish farm is within that same hectare plant production and runs at 25 tonne which the current fish of choice being Barramundi.  In Sydney, fresh grown barra.  10,000 juveniles have gone into the system to cycle it up and assist in firing up the plant system which is about 1/3 stocked and supplying retails outlets.  There may be a chance you are buying this fresh produce already.  The next stages roll out another 75 tonne to make a total of 100 tonne of fish per year.

This is really only the start of a much larger project and the “Bluehouse” currently has room for at least another 100 tonne of fish or perhaps we will introduce our proprietary passive freshwater crayfish technology.  This would complete such a high tech closed loop system, providing fresh, locally grown fish, veggies and crustaceans all out of one farm would be a remarkable achievement.

I am please to say it has been a pleasure and an honor working with Hogan Gleeson, Andrew Bodlovich and Adam Steel over the years and with Rod Missen and Gerard Adam in the design and construction of the recirculating aquaculture system that supports the growth in the Blue Smart Farm.  We look forward to building many more in the future.

You can read more about the Blue Smart Farm here