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Our team, with 15 years of experience in aquaculture research and commercialisation, can offer our clients a wide range of professional consulting services to aquaculture, engineering and aquatic research applications.

At industry level, we offer aquaculture consulting services for sustainable business development, including:
–   Site inspection and analysis
–   Pre-feasibility study (including capital and operational costing, mass balances, plan lay-out)
–   Business planning and financial analysis
–   Operational and logistical planning
–   Farm design and site plans
–   Sustainable practices and project management
–   Staffing and training

For academic research institutions, government and non-government organisations, we offer marine research consulting services to set up innovative research system design, including:
–   Project definition
–   Concept design
–   Prototyping & application of aquatic innovations
–   Facility construction designing and installation
–   Facility optimisation
–   Facility Maintenance

Please refer to our website, www.biosysconsulting.com.au, for more details.