Smoke Ovens “FOR SALE”

Due to an upgrade in our smoke-house last year, Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm have for sale, two Combi 900 Smoke Rite ovens, including 17 fish smoking racks and two drip trays.  For Further Information – Click here to Download Further Information PDF 1MB Contact Russell Sydenham on 02 6769 3665 or Email for further information 52 Shearer’s […]

Combi Smoke Ovens

GFresh – Sell Seafood Online

Who would’ve thought in 2015 you’d be able to easily sell seafood globally online? For years, ‘fresh’ suppliers (particularly of seafood) have struggled to find a way to easily sell and distribute to highly profitable overseas markets. Industry members have consistently said that it’s too hard to source the buyers, organize secure logistics or follow […]