The NSW Aquaculture Association in partnership with FNFA is holding a Aquaculture Conference and Trade Show on 2-3rd September, 2016. This is an exciting event with numerous topics and speakers.

Featured topics include:

  • Murray Cod Farming and water quality
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Silver Perch farming
  • Nutrition and Diet for Murray Cod

    Murray Cod fingerlings
    Murray Cod fingerlings
  • Notifiable Diseases and procedures
  • Research and development needs for Murray Cod in Australia

Featured speakers include:

  • Ian Lyall – NSW DPI Aquaculture Manager
  • Dr Stuart Rowland
  • Graham Bowley – NSW DPI Policy Officer
  • Brett Ingram – PIRVic
  • Mat Ryan – Riverina Aquaculture
  • Paul Van der Werf – Earthan Group Pty Ltd
  • Matt McLellan – NSW DPI Hatchery Manager
  • Roger Camm
  • Associate Professor Giovanni Turchinni – Deakin University
  • Karina Worrell – NSW DPI Aquaculture Biosecurity Officer
  • Wayne Hutchinson – FRDC
  • Mike Rimmer
  • Robert McCormack – Australian Aquatic Biological P/L

Members and Non-Members are invited to attend and participate in the conference.

Click to download the 2016 conference flyer for event details and pricing.

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