After 20 years serving industry under the NSW Aquaculture Association Incorporated flag, we are winding up and being reborn as the AQUA ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED. The Association has had a long history, starting as a group of 30 yabby and fish farmers in the late 1980’s.

Then in 1993-1994 these farmers formed the Eastern Region Aquaculture Association (ERAA) which continued to grow to 150 members till 2000. Then in 1999-2000 the NSW Aquaculture Association was created by the original 150 ERAA members to assist them in their personal Aquaculture and Aquaponic endeavours as well as promote and support the industry as a whole. Back then we all worked together towards the improvement of the industry as a whole within NSW and the wider Aquaculture community. The then new NSW Aquaculture Association Incorporated was founded in 2000 and has served its members and industry well till 2020.

Unfortunately, in 2020 the NSW Aquaculture Association Inc had trouble with an industry member that was not wanted by industry, at a special AGM with the largest attendance of any AGM in the last 20 years, the members voted unanimously (bar 1 vote) to confirm the expulsion of this disreputable person. Unfortunately, the NSW Aquaculture Association did not have a strong enough constitution and this person forced us to reinstate him as a member, much to the outrage of the industry.

As a result of this unwanted forced membership the AQUA ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED was formed. The Secretary, President, Treasurer, Vice President, Media Officer, Chief Technology Officer and  two Committee members all resigned plus the Editor and Public Officer. These all resumed their positions with the NEW AQUA ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED which has a strong purpose created constitution with a banned members list to ensure those that are not wanted by industry can never bother us again. The rest of the ordinary members were invited to join the new Association and all those of high character were granted membership. We all now continue as before but with a strong constitution, new website and new renewed enthusiasm from all involved.

Join Us at the NEW Association 

Rob McCormack
Past Secretary NSW Aquaculture Association Inc.
Current Secretary Aqua Association Inc.